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  • Ed Fantozzi

A Coaches Life

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

My experiences as a high level youth player some 45 years ago has played a major influence on who I am as a coach. Coaching in my opinion varys from club to club and region to region. My coaching experience is more than likely much different then most coaches due to the fact that I start with young age groups and follow them till their out of high school.

The experience is bitter sweet, however very telling from the perspective that you experience the entire growth cycle both within the sport and from a health perspective. Most large clubs have coaches positioned at different age groups. In some cases this is great for the players, they are exposed to different styles of coaching as well as ideas.

What happens though when you small clubs don't have the resources to place a coach at every level? That is exactly what my Coaches Life blog revolves around. In this blog I will look back on my experiences as a youth player growing up in one of Michigan's soccer hotbeds and comparing them to my experiences as a coach in rural Northern Michigan (both club and high school).

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