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Ed’s story is one of passion meeting opportunity – again and again.

Ed’s first coaching position started as many people’s do: as a volunteer coach for his son’s team. It soon became apparent that this team was good. So good, in fact, he knew that if they were going to keep improving, they’d need to have a higher level of challenge than was currently offered. It was then that Ed created his first club team. This travel team broke the mold by competing in a league that was three hours away from his Northern Michigan hometown. The relentless commutes to games paid big dividends as the team improved throughout their first season. Ed saw first-hand how much of an impact playing against highly skilled teams had on player development. Conditioning, skills and aptitude can only take you so far. But when you compete against someone better than you, learning happens, and growth is inevitable. 

Growth, indeed, kept happening and Ed realized that several of his players were becoming good enough that playing at the collegiate level after high school was becoming a real possibility. Enter Ed’s next evolution: travel to highly competitive tournaments throughout the Midwest and Europe. Giving this group such a diverse experience paid off and in 2008, they won the MHSAA State Finals. And eventually, several of his players did play soccer in college for such notable schools as Colgate and Michigan State.

Success is contagious and it didn’t take long for a parent to recruit Ed to coach a girls’ team. He willingly expanded his roster and at one point coached 5 teams with players traveling from as far as 200 miles (each way!) to get to practice.


More recently, he stepped away from coaching his club teams so he could become more involved as a High School coach for the Boyne City High School girls’ team. During his time there, the team went from 2-16 to breaking records, snapping up conference, district, and regional titles. After five years as head coach, his career there culminated in capturing the State Finalist award in 2021

Ed’s coaching philosophy has evolved over the years, and he’s settled into a “player first” approach that honors and respects each players’ strengths and limitations. It is this foundation of empathy that builds real trust first between player and coach that radiates throughout the rest of the team. Just like he's seen teams improve by playing more skilled opponents, he’s seen how lives can change when coaches take an empathetic interest in their players. 

Ed has been a player/coach/administrator for most of his life and continues to share his passion for soccer and sport. Currently retired from high school athletics, Ed has identified a need for high school athletes to continue their athletic careers at the next level and is working passionately to create local college level opportunities for his athletes and the surrounding communities of Northern Michigan.


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